Taryn Rose heels caused blisters!

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I just purchased my first pair of Taryn Rose pumps at their Las Vegas store while on vacation . After wearing the pumps in a carpeted casino for 2 hours, I had the blisters forming on both of my pinkie toes that prevented me from wearing any of my other shoes except sandals.

I took the overly priced shoes back to the store to request a full refund the very next day after purchase. I was told that refunds were not possible after they'd been worn. Apparently, that was on the receipt, which I didn't sign. Talk about deceptive trade practice! More importantly, these shoes not only didn't live up to the hype; they caused more damage to my feet than any other shoe that I've ever owned in less time.

Between the deceptive trade practice of not allowing refunds; crappy product and poor customer service. . .I'd say skip this much hyped brand altogether.

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Taryn Rose defective shoes,poor customer service

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I bought a pair of mens Taryn Rose dress shoes for $410 while on vacation in San Francisco. After less than 4 weeks, the sole of the tip of the shoes wore off.

I contacted the customer service number listed on their website and was referred to their corporate office. I was told to return the shoes to the Neiman Marcus I had bought them to even after I explained they were purchased while on vacation.

Only select places sell Taryn rose shoes. I don't understand why their customer service is so poor. I am an orthopedic surgeon and cannot recommend these shoes to my patients due to poor service.

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I purchased these shoes also and found that there really wasn't any of the "technology" she brags about in her ongoing "life story".They were just another pair of expensive shoes that fell apart.

In fact, I heard they are actually manufactured in China and then assembled in Italy... just to keep the "Made In Italy" branding!!!

What a scam.Someone needs to expose this fraud of a doctor/designer...

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